If you have any questions please contact info@usworthcolliery.co.uk or for further information please see our Newsletter.

We have also made changes to the relevant policies in the Pupil Wellbeing section during the closure of the school. Please click here to access our policies page.


Whilst school is closed, we will do all we can to minimise the disruption to your child’s learning.


We will be providing daily activities using the SeeSaw learning platform https://web.seesaw.me/


Every child has also received a home learning book to complete activities in.


For more information please see the letter to parents below:


Home Learning Page


Please find below a home learning grid for each year group that outlines the activities that will be expected to be completed at home.




We know it’s a difficult time and families who will have different priorities and circumstances. However, we do expect every child to try to complete some tasks throughout the week. We are also very aware that children benefit from more than just academic learning and activities in the home, such as cooking, playing and socialising, are all important for the development and well-being of the whole child.


Activities will be issued on a daily basis and will only be available for that day. New activities will be posted on SeeSaw, replacing the previous day’s lessons.


Home Learning Grids 3

Home Learning Grids 2

Home Learning Grids


Whole School Challenges

Whole School Art Challenge 

 ‘Re-create a famous painting’ 


• Search the internet or look in books to find a famous painting from a time in history. 

• Create your own modern day version.

You can do this  in lots of ways; 



Computer generate 

Arrange objects from around the home. 

Dress up and take a photograph. 

(Some of the teachers have had a go, check out the photos!)  


Send us photograph of your work, you can tweet,  email to mrsmole@usworthcolliey.co.uk or upload to see saw. 

You can complete this challenge in the activities on Seesaw.


UCPS Encyclopaedia

We want to create an Encyclopaedia of your favourite things so we need your help! 


  1. Pick something that you are interested in. It could be an animal, plant, sport, celebrity, etc. 
  2. Research your interest by reading a variety of information using books, internet, magazines or any other reading material needed.
  3. Pick out the information you would like to share.
  4. Create an A4 page sharing facts about your interest using a layout you prefer. 
  5. Share your poster on Twitter @UCPrimary


Can’t wait to see your posters!