Our Membership


Committee Key
P – Personnel, R – Resources, CS – Curriculum and Standards, HTPM – Head Teacher Performance Management

PD – Pupil Discipline, A – Appeals/Complaints, HTAP – Head Teacher Appointment

Our Structure

Full Governing Body

We meet as a full governing body twice a term.


Resources – meets at least once a term, but often more and conducts internal and external premises tours.

Curriculum & Standards Committee – meets once a term.

Personnel Committee, Appeals Committee & Pupil Discipline Committee – meet if required.

Head Teacher Performance Management – meets at the start of the year to set targets for the Headteacher and at the end of the year to review targets.

Appeals Committee – meet if required.

Below is a list of all governors declared interests, whether they be a business interest, as a governor at another educational establishment or a material interest arising from relationships between governors or between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives).

Governors should declare any links they have with firms from which the school may buy goods or services or other schools/establishment.  It is important that anyone involved in spending public money demonstrates that they do not personally benefit from decisions that they make.

A full register (including nil returns) is maintained in school, below are any declared interests by governors in the 2019/20 academic year.

Name of Governor Date of Disclosure Name of Company or other body Details of Relationship with company or body
Alison Logan 24/11/20 Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy, Gateshead Vice Chair of Governors
Rosemary Walker 19/11/19 Autism Outreach Team Manager of the team
Vicki Kennedy 19/11/19 Sunderland Culture Producer

Governor Attendance 2018/2019

Governors 2019