Our Membership


Committee Key
P – Personnel, R – Resources, CS – Curriculum and Standards, HTPM – Head Teacher Performance Management

PD – Pupil Discipline, A – Appeals/Complaints, HTAP – Head Teacher Appointment

Our Structure

Full Governing Body

We meet as a full governing body twice a term.


Resources – meets at least once a term, but often more and conducts internal and external premises tours.

Curriculum & Standards Committee – meets once a term.

Personnel Committee, Appeals Committee & Pupil Discipline Committee – meet if required.

Head Teacher Performance Management – meets at the start of the year to set targets for the Headteacher and at the end of the year to review targets.

Appeals Committee – meet if required.

Below is a list of all governors declared interests, whether they be a business interest, as a governor at another educational establishment or a material interest arising from relationships between governors or between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives).

Governors should declare any links they have with firms from which the school may buy goods or services or other schools/establishment.  It is important that anyone involved in spending public money demonstrates that they do not personally benefit from decisions that they make.

A full register (including nil returns) is maintained in school, below are any declared interests by governors in the 2016/7 academic year.

Name of Governor Date of Disclosure Name of Company or other body Details of Relationship with company or body
Alison Logan 4/10/16 Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy, Gateshead Governor
Victoria Moore 4/10/16 Charlottes House of Flowers Sister in Laws firm
Ken Tonge 4/10/16 Kepier Academy Governor
Governor FGB Personnel Finance & Staffing

Curriculum & Standards

Open invitation

PHS Personnel Appeals Appeals & Complaint
Mrs M Brabban 3/8     2/5   No meetings No meetings
Mrs A Logan 8/8 6/6 5/5 5/5 6/6    
Mr J Millett 6/8            
Miss E Morales 6/8 2/6 2/5        
Mrs V Moore 8/8     3/5      
Mr M Preston 8/8 5/6 5/5 3/5 5/6    
Mrs C Seccombe 7/8 4/6 3/5 3/5      
Mrs A Robson 3/3     1/5 4/4    
Mrs P Thomson 7/8       3/6    
Mr K Tonge 6/8     4/5      
Mr G Wright 8/8 6/6 5/5 5/5 4/6    


Reconstituted Governing Body (May 2015).

Governor health check and self review carried out (July 2016), led by an external adviser, to ensure effectiveness maximised. (See separate document)

Annual skills audit and review of contribution of all governors. Targeted recruitment of new governors (eg Standards Committee chair).

Restructured committees and reviewed terms of reference (including clerking). Annual timetable of meetings planned around key priorities.

Comprehensive, planned programme of link governor visits – forged good relationships and understanding, challenged staff and identified issues to be addressed.

Required senior and middle leaders to report on IMPACT of initiatives.

Termly, Standards Committee meetings stringently evaluated and challenged school performance.

Rigorously challenged school regarding KS2 SATs results, posed key questions to be answered within a tight timescale.

Established a 5 year vision for the school.

Reviewed risk assessments and policies in accordance with established schedule.

Reviewed and made further changes to Service Level Agreements.

Asked clerk to amend the structure of minutes.

Ensured budget was spent in accordance with key priorities.

Analysed use and impact of Pupil Premium funding to inform future spending decisions.

Reviewed staffing structure and continued to fund sets teachers, enabling a three way split in English and maths from Year 1 to Year 6 (reducing class sizes).

Continued to fund a Family Liaison and Attendance Officer – measurable impact on attendance.

Continued to fund a Teaching Assistant for P.E. and Sport (formerly apprentice).

Restructured SLT , introducing additional Assistant Headteacher to further strengthen leadership.

Appointed 2 temporary TLRs to focus on leading key aspects of the School Development Plan (Pupil Premium and SMSC).

Interviewed every Teaching Assistant and completely reviewed their roles and responsibilities to ensure most effective use of their skills and time.

Expanded Base provision for ASD pupils from 10 to 12.5 funded places.

Ensured staff absence policy is followed rigorously, leading to less casual absence.

Rigorously performance managed the Headteacher, and ensured stringent performance management and recruitment of staff took place – improved, strong profile of teaching throughout school.

Introduced Forest School, having funded full training for 2 members of staff.

Significantly redeveloped and improved outdoor provision for EYFS.

Met with School Council and in response made improvements to school toilets where feasible.

New flooring and blinds throughout school.

Purchased sheds to improve use of play equipment at break times.

Remodelled an infrequently used room, to further maximise the use of school space, creating a permanently available counselling/sensory room.

Leased a mini-bus for excursions and sporting events.

Asked councillor to formally complain to the local authority in relation to their safeguarding responses.

In response to feedback from volunteers, asked school to introduce lanyards for pupils to wear on educational visits, to improve safeguarding procedures.

After evaluating site security, amended policy to change the times school gates are locked, to further safeguard pupils.

Brought forward breakfast club opening time to 8am.

Interacted with parents in person at Parents’ Meetings, actively seeking views to take to whole governing body. Governors attended all parent/community events.

Sought professional advice and information about Trusts and Multi Academy Trusts, and are continuing to explore effective partnerships.

New vision for the school.

Re-branded – introduced a new logo (chosen by the children).

Completed a skills and training audit of all governors, with targeted recruitment for new members.

Restructured all committees and reviewed terms of reference. Reviewed timetable of meetings to ensure better flow of information to the full governing body.

Expanded communication/engagement with parents:

  • established Parents’ Forum;
  • weekly newsletter;
  • restructured parents’ evenings;
  • many courses held for parents, including first aid, food hygiene, Speakeasy and “weigh in”.

Developed community/business links:

  • summer fair;
  • aspirations week, including visits from an engineer, police officers, police dogs, dentist, solicitor, computer programmer, paramedic and footballer;
  • developed links with Northumbria University;
  • expanded Armistice event.

Expanded use of I.T. – iPads purchased and used extensively by staff and pupils.

Restructured the use of rooms in school to make better use of the space available.

Established regular outdoor learning.

Improved the physical environment – more child centred.

Increased and improved P.E./sports provision:

  • employed an apprentice for P.E./sport;
  • significantly increased the number of clubs provided;
  • started a football team which plays in a local league.

Established a provision for children with autistic spectrum disorder, with places for children from throughout the local authority.

Introduced a breakfast club – now free for all children!

Changed the organisation of the start of the school day, children can come straight into school from 8.45am.

Restructured the school day for more effective learning.

Introduced three, teacher led, English and Maths sets per year group.

Purchased “Pupil Asset” to enhance assessment and the tracking of data.

Staffing changes:

  • increased the number of teachers, making some excellent appointments following specific, targeted recruitment;
  • reorganised the senior leadership team;
  • introduced the role of an assistant headteacher;
  • introduced the role of family liaison and attendance officer (to work in the office and with parents) to enhance safeguarding support, tackle attendance and develop relationships with families (attendance and punctuality are much improved);
  • appointed a new member of staff to work in the office and with parents;
  • introduced the role of reading recovery teacher;
  • when appointing a new school business manager re-wrote the job description, to ensure targeted recruitment to best meet the current needs of the school;
  • closely monitored the performance management of staff;
  • restructured teaching assistant and caretaker provision, to provide improved value for money, and a structure that meets the changing needs of the school.

Greatly increased the number and range of educational visits and trips (many governors attend to assist):

  • make use of public transport for affordability;
  • days trips by train to London and Edinburgh;
  • overseas visit to France.

Introduced the online packages “Mathletics” and “Reading Eggs”.

Strategic decision to leave the children in the same classes, rather than mix them up each year.

Reviewed risk assessments and policies.

Reviewed and changed the Behaviour Policy, responding to feedback and consultations.

Reviewed the Staff Absence policy and closely monitor its implementation.

Reviewed and made changes to Service Level Agreements.

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