This page is a dedicated area for our school councilors to share their plans and the progress of their meetings.

Monday 22nd January

We have created a suggestions box for Key Stage 2, so that Key Stage 2 children can add suggestions for ways to improve our school and make it even better. We have also created a suggestions box for parents which will be outside our school office.

We will look at your suggestions every Monday in our school council meetings.

Monday 29th January

One of our suggestions was that year 6 read with ks1. We are going to ask Mrs Prinn and Miss Brown if we can set it up as soon as possible.

Monday 30th April

As we suggested to have reading buddies, it has turned out to be a success and we are starting to read with the younger children. Year 5 have already started to read with the reception children. We all hope that there will be a further success for us and the younger children. We have also come up with an idea for year 6 to join the reading buddies team but to read with the year ones. At break times and lunchtimes, we older children are more than happy to read with the younger ones because we all hope for a good future for them. Many thanks.