Art Curriculum Intent

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At Usworth Colliery, we … go places, do things, meet people and learn new things.

Our pupils learn best through experiential learning and our art curriculum supports this. The children are exposed to a wide range of experiences and opportunities. We visit local art galleries and museums. We are inspired first-hand by local architecture and the natural outdoor environment. We work with visiting artist’s, designers and crafts people and extend the children’s creative experience outside of the classroom.

The children are offered a practical and creative curriculum taught by a subject specialist throughout the school. Activities are exciting, engaging and ambitiously designed to support children to develop creative minds and flexible thinking. Through the use of sketchbooks and an experimental approach we aim to adopt a growth mind-set, children are encouraged to ‘try things out’ and not be afraid to make mistakes. Children are given opportunities to offer their opinion about their own and others artwork and taught to respect the opinions of others.

The art curriculum has been developed in line with the national curriculum it is designed to be progressive in skills, knowledge and understanding matched to the needs and interests of our pupils. We are inspired by the work of great artists from history. We are inspired by contemporary and local working artists. We are inspired by art from other cultures. We are inspired by ourselves; our human form, culture, interests, thoughts, emotions and feelings. Where appropriate and effective art is linked to support topics and literature studied in other subject areas.

To support the unique needs of our pupils the curriculum has artistic vocabulary and discussion at its core. As pupils progress through school, their visual language is improved through consistent exposure to new age appropriate words. Teaching builds on previously learnt vocabulary and the acquisition if this allows the children to discuss, reason and offer valuable opinions about art.

Pupils access a range of both visual and written sources to develop their reading and practical skills and spark their interest and enthusiasm for learning. Children are empowered to develop their own independence by creating their own levels of challenge when producing a piece of art work.













Art in EYFS

Art in the Early Years Foundation Stage is taught as part of the ‘Expressive Art and Design’ category using art as a way for children to explore, understand and engage with the world around them. Art focuses on providing children the opportunity to express themselves, while nurturing and developing their creativity within a safe and stimulating environment. Art is taught and adapted in line with the national curriculum and ‘development matters’ in a way to equip children with the ability and skills to experiment, take risks and create their own works of art. Children are encouraged to work collaboratively as well as independently to build key skills and develop knowledge and understanding of creative materials and techniques to prepare them for KS1.

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