Design and Technology Curriculum Intent

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Our pupils learn best through experiential learning and our technology curriculum is built around this. At Usworth Colliery, we … go places, do things, meet people and learn new things. We live in a world which is constantly evolving and changing with technology often the driving force. At Usworth Colliery Primary School we seek to provide our children with the opportunity to grow and learn with these ever-changing innovations.  We want our children to have the skills and desire to contribute and participate in technological change; to be informed consumers as well as future leaders and innovators in this competitive world.

The Design Technology curriculum at Usworth Colliery Primary School encourages children to be creative and to become engaged with important and current issues. Our children learn about a range of materials, processes and tools that require them to link their thinking skills and general knowledge. Through these designs and make experiences they participate in exploration and begin to question and test what they already know.

Our curriculum is based on the expectations of the national curriculum and is designed to be both progressive and matched to the needs and interests of our pupils. Long term plans are designed to be developmental and progressive and each new topic or learning experience builds on the skills knowledge and understanding previously taught.

Through team projects Design Technology promotes collaboration with others but also encourages independence and perseverance to solve sometimes difficult problems. It enhances and improve vocabulary by providing real-life contexts for design.  To promote resilience and independence our curriculum encourages pupils to adopt a growth mind-set in order to learn from mistakes and develop as learners. We don’t want our children to give up at the first hurdle. We provide challenges which require them to build their resilience and perseverance through a continuum of planning, design, reviewing and adaptation.  

To support the unique needs of our pupils the curriculum has vocabulary and reading at its core. As pupils progress through school, children’s vocabulary is improved through consistent exposure to new words from age appropriate texts and taught subject specific vocabulary.  Teaching builds on previously learnt vocabulary and the acquisition of this allows the children to discuss and reason within the subjects. Pupils access a wide variety of high-quality written sources to develop their reading skills and spark their interest and enthusiasm for learning.

We want our children to understand that technology has evolved rapidly and that it is able to transform their lives. Design Technology is important for developing the practical skills and a methodical approach to problem solving. It will develop knowledge and understanding of how everyday products are designed and made. As a result, we seek to deliver a curriculum will inspire and motivate our children to be the designers and innovators of the future.  


Our Curriculum creates learners who are:










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