ICT Curriculum Intent

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Our pupils learn best through experiential learning and the ICT curriculum is built around this. At Usworth Colliery, we endeavour to give children a solid grasp of how technology impacts on their lives both inside and outside of school. This is achieved primarily through providing the children with a varied curriculum that exposes them to current developments such as robotics and micro-computing. We also use links with outside agencies, for example Nissan, STEM week and The Platten Foundation, to widen the aspirations of our young learners and offer a range of experiences that put their new knowledge into a real world context. Through this approach, pupils are offered a curriculum which is exciting, engaging and ambitiously designed to allow all pupils to develop skills and knowledge that can prepare them for life. 

To promote resilience and independence our curriculum encourages pupils to adopt a growth mind-set in order to learn from mistakes and develop as learners. We want our children to express themselves creatively and, when appropriate, encourage them to be curious and independent learners who see the benefits of making mistakes when learning.

Our curriculum is based on the expectations of the national curriculum and is designed to be both progressive and matched to the needs and interests of our pupils. Long term plans are designed to be developmental and progressive and each new topic or learning experience builds on the skills knowledge and understanding previously taught.

To support the unique needs of our pupils the curriculum has vocabulary at its core. As pupils progress through school, children’s vocabulary is improved through consistent exposure to new subject specific vocabulary that is introduced as skills progress.  Teaching builds on previously learnt vocabulary and the acquisition of this allows the children to discuss and reason within the subjects. Pupils access a wide variety of digital content to develop their digital literacy and spark their interest and enthusiasm for learning.  It is important that our children have a strong set of basic skills which they are comfortable and confident with so that they can apply them as technology develops. Furthermore, our children often have a strong existing skill set, beyond what the curriculum covers, particularly with handheld technology. We therefore encourage pupils to be responsible and self-aware when using ICT in everyday life, encouraging them to be respectful and tolerant and to consider carefully the content they interact with.

Our Curriculum creates learners who are:











ICT is an essential element in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. The ICT curriculum in school aims to develop the children’s knowledge, skills, and understanding. Pupils use tools such as the internet, cameras and recording equipment to research, communicate and handle information and to present it in a variety of ways. They learn to be flexible regarding how they employ a range of technologies, both desktop and hand held, using this technology safely and responsibly. Pupils control a range of electronic devices and develop their understanding of computer programming. Pupils also use computer models such as simulations and spread sheets to explore and test the answers to questions. Our vision is to equip all learners with the experiences and skills of ICT that they will use in a rapidly changing technological world. Learners will become confident and independent in their use of ICT to enhance their learning across the curriculum.’




ICT Curriculum