In Music at Usworth Colliery we hope to expose children to new experiences through the arts. Children are openly challenged to think creatively when exploring different genres of music in lessons and are continually encouraged to be curious about the impact of types of music. Our children experience a range of opportunities to explore their musical talents, not just in music lessons. There are music tuition groups where they can learn a new instrument in a small group or in some cases, as a class. We want all children to have an opportunity to express their feelings and explore emotions through the use of song in singing assemblies.  

We deliver  lessons through the use of ‘Charanga’. All year groups access the scheme of learning which inspires children to appraise and explore new types of music, including traditional music. This helps our children to understand other cultures and how they are different. 

Through the use of instruments in our music lessons, our children are able to explore new ways of expressing their feelings through music and be excited about learning something new. They work collaboratively with their peers to develop new skills.

Private tuition is something that is available to all children in school to give another opportunity for children to challenge themselves with something different. We have also recently began using a group called ‘Rocksteady’ as part of our extra music tuition. Children are able to make their own band and learn to develop and use their music skills taught in lessons, to be collaborative when playing as part of a group.

Our Year 2 children access class Ukulele lessons where they practice basic notation and application of vocabulary to support their learning in music lessons. Across school, our children take part in singing assemblies every week to help them express their feelings and develop their understanding of different types of music once again. Many of the songs we use are based around themes such as friendship and believing in ourselves. Not only does this help our children to feel a sense of belonging and understand the importance of building relationships, it also gives them courage and resilience to never give up when they find something challenging. This theme prepares our children for life, encourages them to be aspirational and have the determination to succeed. 

Here are some pictures of our children enjoying music at Usworth Colliery. 

At Usworth Colliery we are devoted to giving our children engaging and exciting ways to explore music across school. We have taken part in the 'Big Sing' for the last 2 years with Year 2 and 5 where the children get to visit the Sunderland Empire and sing a selection of songs with a range of school across Sunderland. We are currently working with a company called 'Rocksteady' where our children get to learn to play as part of a rock band in tuition lessons. Through singing assemblies they are able to express their feelings and sing songs that empower them. Year 2 continue to have whole class Ukulele sessions every week and learn about playing as part of an ensemble. From the pictures you can see a Ukulele morning where parents were invited to see what the children had been learning and even join in! We are working closely with Sunderland Culture to try and promote the arts throughout school. Children have been involved in Musical Theatre workshops to show them just how important music is. We use Charanga as our main teaching tool and we are enjoying using glockenspiels and recorders across school to develop skills.